A New Season ~ Personal Recalibration


Many times you have seen me use Sunday as a day for #‎recalibration and often the image I share is shattered glass as I add the quote: The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become~Charles DuBois

Yet this morning as I awake to a new season and see my yard populated with golden yellow and red leaves, I feel a sense of a gentle whisper inviting a new threshold as the seductive gates of the image above.

Perhaps change and recalibration are not as much about disruption as they are about opening a gate of possibility and actually walking through. Maybe choices don’t have to feel like breaking glass. Perhaps choices can be gentle. Oh, I wish I could find the words as I am feeling such comfort and calm about having very recently walked through this gate.

Our friction-free world is full of options. We can download our world according to our bias and preference. We talk so much about options but rarely talk about discernment. I don’t write so much to teach others but to reinforce for myself what I need to learn and especially practice.

With this new season, please be fierce in your resolve to ensure you are fine tuning your decision making criteria as you continue to expand personal and professional thresholds.

These links are keys to gates of impact I hope to open in my lifetime:

1) #whisper : Daniel Dennett’s Seven Tools for Thinking

2) #whisper: Tim Rayner @TimRayner01‘s Sage Wisdom for Contemporary Time

3) #whisper: Dr. Amit Nagpal @DrAmitInspires‘ Blue Ocean Strategy for Your Own Person Brand

4) #whisper: Jose Baldadaia @jabaldaia‘s Replace GPS w/ a Compass

5) #whisper: Saybrook University @SaybrookU’Map of Meaning

6) #whisper: Tony Schwartz‘ The Art of Letting Go

7) #whisper: Eric Best‘s Four Principles to Guide A Life

8) #whisper: Peter Vander Auwera @PeterVan‘s The End of Leadership

9) #whisper: Jim Collins‘s The Triump of Humility and Fierce Resolve

10) #whisper: My point of view for The Age of Essence


This is how leaves sound as they gently fall . . .♫

May a golden leaf gently brush your cheek and welcome you to Autumn.