Keynote Summary

Strategy, Leadership & the Soul:
21st Century Resilience

In this compelling Keynote by Jennifer Sertl, participants will experience the transformative insight of Strategy, Leadership and the Soul. She will guide you through what it means to be strategic in the 21st century, what it takes to be a leader and how the soul of your business as well as your personal soul will drive your business and personal success in years to come.

The rate of innovation in technology is accelerating exponentially, keeping pace with the rapid advances in the biosciences, materials science, and the internet. The opportunities to build a better-educated, healthier, greener world through business innovation and entrepreneurship are numerous and incredibly exciting. They demand a new kind of organization!

Sertl will show how organizations have evolved, from the 1850’s on, to reflect the technologies, social environments, and management philosophies of their times. The type of organization poised to be able to adapt at the rate of change required has been given the name Transorganization.

Sertl will share characteristics of a Transorganization such as how they are leading the charge, constantly transforming themselves to respond to opportunities and the tsunami of change around them. Transorganizations demonstrate absolute respect for each employee and every customer, and structurally design the organization to constantly reevaluate those relationships and improve them. The Transorganization consciously identifies and shapes its soul-the identity and values that define it and everything that it does.

The Transorganization demands leadership from every employee, top to bottom and side to side. Each takes responsibility for his or her own contribution and the success of the organization as a whole. They exercise power by sharing it, and understand that the soul of the transorganization is the aggregate of the souls of each individual within it. The type of leadership able to create value at the rate of change is referred to as a Transleader.

Transleaders look at themselves through a six-dimensional prism, combining intellect, spirituality, health and wellness, finances, relationships, and emotional well-being. They are creative and intuitive, making connections that others don’t, and are confident to make decisions based on inadequate information.

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Sertl shows you to how to develop Transleadership across your organization and ultimately how your presence creates impact to transform the organization itself.
Sertl will present five steps that you can take right now to move toward personal Transleadership, to embrace the future and not be frighten by it.

You will walk away:

  • Swifter and more decisive
  • More efficient in your decision-making
  • More confident in the choices you make
  • Increased effectiveness in leading your sphere of influence
  • More in control of the complex world you compete in
  • A better champion for your brand both company & personal


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