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Agility3R’s Leadership Immersion & Iterative Series …

A3R LeadershipYour competitive advantage is no longer where you work or what you do. It is the accuracy in which you see the landscape and way you choose to make decisions. Jennifer Sertl and Agility3R desire to support your leadership and personal growth in the midst of this paradigm shift. Join Jennifer Sertl for a three module leadership experience to gain insight into the shift and what is required.

Core Questions:

Where have you been?
What have you learned?
Where are you going?
What is required?

Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, at its core, asks you to think about your organization, your teams and yourself in new and deeper ways.  It is a call to align business strategy and personal development.  It is a call to embrace diversity and encourage it.  It is a call to use your energy wisely.  It is also a call to make flexibility and adaptability a core competence.

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Agility3R is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals be more Resilient, Responsive, and Reflective. It is our belief that these skills will help people be more aware of their macro-environment and therefore better able to adapt and respond. Consciousness and self awareness are elements of future competitive advantage.

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