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Agility3R is dedicated to helping organizations and individuals be more resilient, responsive, and reflective. It is our belief that these skills will help people be more aware of their macro-environment and therefore better able to adapt and respond. Consciousness and self awareness are elements of future competitive advantage.

Agility3R offers four ways to gain certainty in today’s uncertain business world and use it to your advantage to become more . . .

Nimble            Adaptive            Perceptive            Inclusive            Fearless

Agility3R can transform you and your company, helping you hone skills to become more resilient, responsive and reflective and ultimately more competitive. Whether you choose a 6-month leadership coaching program, one of our team leadership retreats, one-day Interplay (TM) Simulation or a keynote address, you’ll walk away:

  • Swifter and more decisive
  • More efficient in your decision-making
  • More confident in the choices you make
  • Increased effectiveness in leading your sphere of influence
  • More in control of the complex world you compete in
  • A better champion for your brand both company & personal

The Agility3R Leadership Coaching Program will give everyone on your team a winning perspective.

Mindset drives performance-At all levels. Having the right leadership mindset will be reflected throughout your company. Give us just two hours a month for six months with your company’s leaders, and we’ll give them greater clarity of focus, a stronger understanding of their personal impact and a winning strategy in the short and long views. Invest in coaching your best performers today and help them reach even greater heights tomorrow.

Agility3R Keynotes and Lectures can be a transformational experience. For you and your company.

Introspection. Leadership development. Forecasting expertise. The skills you’ll take away from an Agility 3R talk will give your company the agility to be most successful in the 21st century global market place. You’ll leave with a take-home outline to help you:

  • Allocate your time and energy to meet emergent market conditions
  • Develop talent to support continuous improvement in a dynamic environment
  • See more clearly the macro-environment its impacts on your core industry
  • Learn to be comfortable with ambiguity and the unknown
  • Leverage trends and experiences inside the organization as an intangible asset and part of the collective intellectual property of the business
  • Gain greater understanding of complex business decisions and their trade-offs

Participating in an Agility3R Interplay (TM) Simulation has been described as getting an MBA in a day.

Ready to raise the level of your game? Then you’re ready for the Agility 3R Interplay Simulation,” a challenging, fast-paced one-day business simulation that helps you see the bigger picture, make smarter decisions, execute more effectively and better manage the interplay of forces that drive corporate success. Interplay will immerse you in an intense practice field that reflects the real challenges of managing knowledge and resource capital. Teams manage competing companies to create the most successful business possible. To succeed, each team must determine a strategic focus and then skillfully manage all their corporate assets (customers, partners, marketing, human resources, financial and internal processes) in line with that focus. Along the way they must plan and allocate resources, satisfy demanding customers and employees, make decisions under conditions of uncertainty, manage through critical ‘Shift Happens’ market events, prepare and report financial statements and communicate to the larger market about their company. In the end, you’ll have the proven skills to take your company’s game to a whole new level.

Agility3R Leadership Retreats are the get-aways that will drive your team to get ahead.

Getting out of the day-to-day is key for clear thinking. Our 1/2, full-day and two-day retreats are designed to refocus, re-energize your leadership team and arm them with strategic planning skills that enhance creativity, spark smarter decision-making. And our business simulation uses the “game of business” to free people to think at their best by removing fear from the process. You’ll walk away understanding:

  • How separating brainstorming from decision-making improves strategic planning
  • How in today’s macro environment change must occur more rapidly
  • How improving rapport, buy-in, and listening to learn communications skills can boost employee engagement and personal responsibility
  • Stronger time management and focus skills
  • Clearer leadership and the ability to get things done through others
  • More organized idea generation and thorough planning
  • To get more details & schedule an engagement

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