Strengthening Personal Resolve


What to Remember When Waking  (or launching a new year)

by David Whyte

In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,

coming back to this life from the other

more secret, moveable and frighteningly honest world

where everything began,

there is a small opening into the new day

which closes the moment you begin your plans.

What you can plan is too small for you to live.

What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enough

for the vitality hidden in your sleep.

To be human is to become visible

while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.

To remember the other world in this world

is to live in your true inheritance.

You are not a troubled guest on this earth,

you are not an accident amidst other accidents

you were invited from another and greater night

than the one from which you have just emerged.

Now, looking through the slanting light of the morning window

toward the mountain presence of everything that can be

what urgency calls you to your one love?

What shape waits in the seed of you

to grow and spread its branches

against a future sky?

Is it waiting in the fertile sea?

In the trees beyond the house?

In the life you can imagine for yourself?

In the open and lovely white page on the writing desk?

 ~ David Whyte ~

Discernment & courage are the two swords I want you to sharpen and carry with you into the new year.

We need discernment as we live in a continual buffet of distraction, seduction, and complexity. How many of you can go to a lunch buffet and put on your plate only food selections and quantities that will truly nourish your vitality. I cannot. I put too much on my plate and often taste foods that are not a part of my regular diet. That is fine every once and awhile. It is dangerous if it is constant. The internet of things #iot causes us to live in perpetual buffet. Mall and shopping stores invade our living rooms, our relationships are challenged by wondering if there is a better partner a click away, we are unsatisfied with our jobs waiting for that miracle LinkedIn connection. Please tell me I am not alone in these types of choices are bombarding me minute by minute, day after day.

We need courage because all of these options can accidentally overload our circuits and we may feel defenseless against the current of the neuroscience marketing. Our inner voice needs more attention and strength. The choices your hear it ask of you may cause separation from the familiarity and an initial feeling of being alone.  That inner voice asks you to stop the madness, get more sleep, spend more time in solitude, practice simplicity, and be more full of gratitude. All choices that take deliberate effort. This is not a sexy voice, these choices do not create immediate gratification. In fact, it takes weeks sometimes to experience the benefit of wisdom over data.  We need more courage to hold onto our core in the midst of macro seduction.

Often you will see my twitter stream with #recalibration. At least once a week I circulate links and highlight individuals supporting our practice in strengthening our core and sharpening our discernment. All these aspects I circulate are part of my practice and part of my discipline. Repetition and ritual with a few habits are powerful ways to renew and revitalize our inner compass. I invite you to join me this year in seeking long view vitality over short term gratification.






Cheers to your resolve ~ Happy New Year!




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