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Today is the last day of school for students in the Pittsford School District in which I have three children. However, my eldest is graduating this weekend from Mendon High School and is headed to Michigan State University ( go Spartans!)


How quickly time has gone.


from this ———————–>   to this!


I”d like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers who have contributed to my children’s journey. We have been very lucky to work with kind, passionate and committed educators.


Teachers are Artists

Teachers are artists.

The art they practice is awareness. The canvas they use is the curriculum upon which they bring forth an effervescent picture for the world. The students arrive at the canvas, each bringing a unique and vibrant color.

The mixture of the student population gives beauty to the canvas. The more diverse the population, the more colorful the painting.

The artist’s strokes are the skillful, gentle questions that she asks her students. Some strokes are broad, confirming understanding. Some strokes are playful, discovering student’s current knowledge to find a benchmark to begin the lesson. Other strokes are so delicate that they barely touch the canvas. These strokes are the questions that stretch the student’s imagination and foster sensitivity.

Bloom’s taxonomy provides hue to the masterpiece.

The artist adds perspective to the painting by facilitating meaningful discussions and sharing observations. Once all the color has made its mark on the canvas and the painter has cultivated a glorious picture of a “spot in time,” with bittersweet emotion the artist gently places the work of art on the wall of life.

It is now time to stretch and prepare yet another canvas.

Jennifer Sertl

Here are the links that keep my learning edge sharp:


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  2. #learning : Data-> Information -> Knowledge ->Understanding -> Wisdom insight by Russell Ackoff with a deeper dive into systems thinking via @TriarchyPress
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  4. #learning : Building personal capacity for #reflection – my point of view with @dramitinspires
  5. #learning : How serious are we about learning?  … sober view @cdnorman #a3r
  6. #learning : Passion & Flow by @jhagel
  7. #learning : TQ vs. IQ in a Digitized Landscape by Michael Schrage | Trainability Quotient
  8. #learning : I had the opportunity to meet @CameronHerold recently. I appreciate his commitment to building strength based learning environments fostering curiosity and passion.
  9. #learning : How reading can increase critical thinking – my POV with @dramitinspires
  10. #learning:  To support the commitment to reading – here is a wonderful portal Project Gutenberg offering over 49,000 free ebooks. Many thanks @gutenberg_org

Dear graduates ALL, wishing you all the best on your next choices and may your curiosity be inflamed as you navigate this next era.



Jennifer #a3r


PS – You Will Know Me By My Lists


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