An Existential View of Influence


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With the latest Facebook scandal, I am even more urgent about our use of neuroscience for leadership – not just sales. Deeply concerned that we need to strengthen our internal resolve in the midst of all the analytics & marketing. I hope this curation of #influence contributes to your longview imprint. Afterall, every “like” and every RT is autobiographical.

A culture is made — or destroyed — by its articulate voices.
~Ayn Rand

It would be difficult to exaggerate the degree to which we are influenced by those we influence.
~Eric Hoffer

1) #influence: Impact is not an option

2) #influence: Five Stages of Tribal Culture by @VenessaMiemis

3) #influence: Caveat Emptor Peer Influence … my pov with @dramitinspires

4) #Influence: Important implications: The Attention Economy by Michael Goldhaber (aka @mgoldh)

5) #influence: Beyond Brand You Reflections on Social Authenticity by Tim Rayner

6) #influence: The Brand Called You . . . Excellence Now with Tom Peters . . . The Start Up of You by Thomas Friedman

7) #influence: Harold Bloom ~ The Anatomy of Influence . . . a critique of the critic of our times

8) #influence: How Great Leaders Inspire Action with @SimonSinek

9) #influence: To Have Real Influence Focus on the Outcome by @markgoulston

10) #influence: Impact requires both passion + credibility

11) #Influence: Scaling Social Innovation with David Wilcox via @CSR_Wire


Image by Elia Morling (@tribaling)

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