A Complex Landscape: Motherhood


Some are kissing mothers, some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same and most mothers kiss and scold together. ~Pearl S. Buck

Happy Mother’s Day to all my lovely community!

The role of a mother is so complex as we are trying to figure out how to own our voices, be good role models and discover ourselves as women and as leaders.

Being authentic in the journey has been the hardest part of my life as I wish I could be stronger, better, more wise than I actually am. This year I am teaching my children about choice and trade-offs. I hope as they mature and perhaps have children of their own, they’ll understand that imperfection still is worthy of love and that they are truly loved and cherished.

I miss my mother as her illness has made a reciprocal relationship not possible. After having the book for 10 years on my desk I finally read Hope Edelman’s Motherless Daughters. While rich in story and compassion it still does not quench my thirst of knowing how to love a mother who is still present but not invested. No, that is not a book for me to write but one to long for.

I thank Nancy Lyn Cotter and Deborah Barlow for the mother energy their hugs and wisdom have fueled my journey.

It is the image in the mind that links us to our lost treasures; but it is the loss that shapes the image, gathers the flowers, weaves the garland.

Colette, My Mother’s House

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9) #mothersday: Perhaps the best way to honor our mothers is to be all that we can be and appreciate where we have come from … #a3r

Dear mothers ~ give yourselves self compassion.
Let’s do this even better with more love and more grace this next year.

In the rigor of parenting,

This song I used to sing to Sienna in our bedtime ritual:
Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream

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