The Art of Letting Go


♫ Peter, Paul, and Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon ♫

Dear friends,

I have just returned from being with a beloved family member in the final days and hours of life.

Making perhaps the hardest decision of my life – relative to life support and quality of life for another. As grandiose as I feel sometimes – that is beyond my desired range of power.

We talk endlessly about preserving life and barely whisper about the end of life and personal choices regarding pain and suffering.

Here are some brave stories that I hope foster both compassion and dialogue:

Katy Butler’s powerful piece Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Katy Butler’s poignant What Broke My Father’s Heart

Anna Quindlen’s One True Thing

Mark Andrus’ Life As A House

Michael Cunningham’s The Hours

As I return home to my children and get into the pattern of life with groceries, laundry, bills, and the angst of information overload I wonder how it is so easy for life to continue. Feels surreal.

Anyway, curation is my drug of choice. It is my hope that these links cause “pause” and “reflection” to ensure that we are not only breathing but also fully “alive!”

Deep sigh and full belly breathe,

To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour

~William Blake

1) #perspective: Symmetry

2) #perspective: Social Media as Gift Culture by @timrayner01

3) #perspective: Contemporary Locke vs. Hobbes … my point of view with @dramitinspires

4) #perspective: The Porcelain Unicorn

5) #perspective: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

6) #perspective: Anti-Fragile via @nntaleb

7) #perspective: How Much Is Enough? and Don’t Indulge. Be Happy.

8) #perspective: Synchronous World Statistics *caution bravery required . . . #snap!

9) #perspective: Manhattan in Motion by #ROC talent @mindrelic

10) #perspective: 7 Acupuncture Points to Shift Capitalism by @ottoscharmer1


♫ Paul van Dyk – We Are Alive ♫

Post Script:

Took a hot tub outside this morning at 4:30am drinking orange juice from a wine goblet to see a shooting star.



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