Beyond PI


Music and mathematics are simply the architecture of patterns.

In this big data era where every object has the potential to be a Trojan horse I think it is important to pause and celebrate innovation and our restless seeking to frame, organize and understand patterns.

A very special friend and talented musician Philip Sheppard says:
If architecture is frozen music, then music is liquid architecture.

Philip Shepard – Look Up

So this #PI day – let us continue to remember the context is not about numbers – it is about expression and our human need for connection:

  1. You are not a node, you are a frequency . . .
  2. The map is not the territory . . . deep bow to Alfred Korzybski
  3. Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted . . . deep bow to Albert Einstein

The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings. ~Eric Hoffer

In practice of keeping open space for a new pattern to arrive,

1) #PI day : A Brief History of π #a3r π

2) #PI day: TQ (trainability quotient) vs. IQ in a Digitized Landscape by Michael Schrage … π #a3r π

3) #PI day: The Relavance of Algorithms … HT @evgenymorozov π #a3r π

4) #PI day: Beyond the algorithm – humanism … by Ross Dawson with John Hagel

5) #PI day: First Mathematical Model of a Gift Economy HT @iironiemi π #a3r π

6) #PI day: Internet of Things Context with Nigel Cameron and Center for Policy and Emerging Technology

7) #PI day: Anthony Lawlor: The Power of Patterns via @anthonylawlor

8) #PI day: The Mathematics of “Anything Can Happen” with Greg Satell π #a3r π

9) #PI day: Cambrian Explosion of Everything and The Programable Me

10) #PI day: Shepherd’s PI ~ a fuzzy technologist who happens to be Director of Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments π #a3r π

Let us not lose curiosity and our quest for “awe”
The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour


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