International Women’s Day


Very interesting times we are living in. While I was reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Fernando Pargas sent me a copy of his book Ending the Male Leadership Myth: How Women Can Save Us From Destroying Ourselves with a request I review it for him. I am having a hard time with all of this jazz. The same way I get upset with teachers that don’t include the parent’s ecosystem in conversations about children and learning. We cannot afford to continue to have conversations about these things without deep, deep appreciation of how interconnected we all are.

Every person has a vital and primal relationship with both men and women. We are daughters, mothers, sons and fathers – all of us. Why does the breakdown occur? We all want our children to thrive? I just don’t get it. So sorry I don’t have a solution except for the very heartfelt question: Can we begin an integral appreciation of how we both need each other to thrive and how we compliment one another? In the macro I see the diffusion of East vs. West – I think the same is occurring between men and women. Whole globe, whole community, whole mind required to navigate today’s complexity. Stop these fractures. ((( please ))).

This is the most beautiful duet I know of in the world. Key word #duet.Let us “say good-bye” to the current paradigm as we appreciate how much we need each other:

Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli – Time to Say Goodbye ♫


1) International #WomensDay: Empowering the 3rd Billion … via @Strategy&

2) International #WomensDay: Thank you Susan B. Anthony … and am lucky to be a Trustee for Susan B. Anthony House & @SusanBHouse

3) International #WomensDay: Bottom Line Performance and Women’s Board Representation …

4) International #WomensDay: Finding True Capacity … and The Race, Relay, Marathon … with @NadineHack

5) International #WomensDay: 45 times have women been awarded the #NobelPrize 1901-2013. You’ll find all of them here.


6) International #WomensDay: 20% Women On Boards by 2020
@2020WOB #a3r +1 @SitAtTheTable wonderful work!

7) International #WomensDay: Every Woman Every Child … with @UN_Women @UnfEWEC

8) International #WomensDay: Bunker Roy Learning from Barefoot Movement … via @TEDTalks

9) International #WomensDay: Social Leadership Awards
@ServaneMouazan @ogunte

10) International #WomensDay: Celebrating Women All Over the World via @womensday #a3r


So lucky to live and work in Rochester, NY where both Frederick Douglas and Susan B Anthony lived and worked.

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  1. Jennifer – indeed, “Key word IS #duet.Let us ‘say good-bye’ to the current paradigm as we appreciate how much we need each other.” Honored to be included as one of 10 examples you list on how to work towards this!

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