Impactful Movies and All That Jazz


Song dedicated to Philip Seymour Hoffman:
Magnolia Soundtrack – Wise Up

We are in the storytelling economy where talent and vision have access to funding and resources never before available. Emily Best is one of the most active disrupters I know speaking about the transformation of the industry.

We also have organizations like Hatch started by Yarrow Kraner & Scott Billadeau in partnership with Intel that create mentorship, funding and platforms for upcoming storytellers. Hatch is where I met the talented visual artist Sari Rodrig (Sari on Vimeo).

In celebration of the integral nature of the dance between fantasy and biography here are the best links providing depth to our movie viewing experience:

1) #Oscars: Reel Wisdom (40 movies in 7 minutes with life enhancing message) … HT @syamant #a3r #introspection

2) #Oscars: Impactful Movies … ♫ The English Patient Soundtrack – Kip’s Light ♫

3) #Oscars: My favorite movie shorts …

4) #Oscars: In Remembrance of Roger Ebert … via @forbes

5) #Oscars: Oscar Nominees Break Down The Art of the Live Action Short … via @FastCoCreate

6) #Oscars: Martin Scorsese’s Vision for Hollywood … via @FastCompany

7) #Oscars: A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies … a treasure trove of movies to see … #a3r

8) #Oscars: 22 Rules of Storytelling According to Pixar … via @io9 #a3r

9) #Oscars: 8 Creativity Lessons from Pixar Animator … via @FastCompany

10) #Oscars: Favorite scene from The Shawshank Redemption … and on The Transformative Power of Music

Working on the articulation of my own story . . .


PS: As the mother of two daughters I would be remiss to not include this powerful Meryl Streep message via @BarnardCollege

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