Natasha Bedingfield – Wild Horses

Everyone seems to be in a race for #Innovation.

I think the best ideas have come from real primal need and/or sorrow. Innovation is not intellectual it is emotional. That is why I love social innovation #socinn so much as the problems that people are solving in third world countries are due to community based survival needs. Most of my audience is well educated and from a global perspective privileged. While we might “out think” we may not “out solve.” For this reason I am working to ensure we keep #resilience + #responsiveness + #reflection (#a3r) in the stream and in the conversation. I want to ensure we have a balanced approach to learning best practices in design and also best practices in reflection.

Both are required to leverage our collective intelligence. Innovation requires emotion & intellect. A clear problem to solve that we care deeply about will give us access to mental reserves we have not yet tapped into.

In the meanwhile, let’s keep mental rigor and introspection in our learning platforms.

Start with Why! How Great Leaders Inspire Action via @simonsinek

@INSEAD Global Innovation 2013 report

Still wanting to keep the reminder that “innovation” comes from the inside: Disrupt Yourself via Whitney Johnson

Having insight isn’t so much about being intelligent as it is about being present. … #innovation from inside out

What to practice (how I fortify my strength) … Navigating Complexity from Inside-Out with @ogunte

Onward. . .

PS: Social Innovation Summit 2014 at United Nations is May 28-29. A great event coordinated by my friends at Landmark Ventures – HT @zeevklein

♫ Natasha Bedingfield – Wild Horses ♫

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