A Dose of Introspection

unnamedYour competitive advantage is the accuracy in which you observe the macro landscape & how you choose to articulate your life experience. Part of having that level of observation and the ability to articulate keen insight is our ability to have time, space for quiet and introspection. I sometimes think to be innovative, all we need to do is be still enough for an idea to have a place to land.

In the midst of being connected to the globe, please continue to strengthen and deepen your connection to yourself.

Here are some posts that support both my personal practice as well as what I teach as a transformational leader.

1) #Introspection: Data -> Information -> Knowledge ->Understanding -> Wisdom … insight by Russell Ackoff #a3r

2) #Introspection: Teaching Smart People How to Learn (classic Chris Argyris) … HT @DavidHolzmer #a3r

3) #Introspection: From Overloaded Circuits … toward the Power of Pause … via @bkpub #a3r

4) #Introspection: The Blind Spot of our Times … by @ottoscharmer1 #presence #a3r

5) #Introspection: Three Ways to Think Deeply at Work HT @toughloveforx #a3r

6) #Introspection: Sage Wisdom for Contemporary Time … by @timrayner01

7) #Introspection: The Flight from Conversation … via @STurkle

8) #Introspection: How serious are we about learning? … a great question by @cdnorman #a3r

9) #Introspection: My point of view: The Myth of Free Will

10) #Introspection: My point of view: Awareness is Not Enough!

Song du jour: ♫ John Denver – The Eagle and The Hawk ♫

May you soar,

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