The Age of Essence


Trajectory Shift: ♫ Sander van Doorn & Mayaeni – Nothing Inside (Original Mix) ♫

We have entered the “Age of Essence” where our presence tells the whole story. Never has it been more important that we ensure our internal GPS is driving our choices as there is seduction in the macro that can take you off course.

As the seasons change please do an internal audit to ensure the reflection of your presence on-line and in your choices are congruent with the essence you were born to cultivate and protect. Take time now to recalibrate your long view, your actions, your priorities.

In pursuit of congruence,

1) #Reflection: Map of Meaning … with @SaybrookU we need to strengthen our internal GPS

2) #Reflection: Familiarity Can Be Dangerous … an invitation to interrogate your reality

3) #Reflection: What to Remember When Waking (a dose of poetry)

4) #Reflection: The Flight From Conversation … urgent with @STurkle

5) #Reflection: How Serious Are We About Learning? … candid look at difference btw our words & actions by @cdnorman

6) #Reflection: My personal capacity model to transcend complexity … the discipline of @Agility3R

7) #Reflection: The business case for reflection … my pov with @DrAmitInspires featuring @cdnorman

8) #Reflection: The Business Case for Philosophy … via @stratandbiz

9) #Reflection: The Extinction of Down Time … with @scottbelsky via @99u

10) #Reflection: Reflection As Strategic Imperative … with @umairh

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