Recalibration and Finding True Capacity


When I was young, I believed it was a sprint and we would change it all right then. As I grew older, I realized it was a marathon and I had to pace myself to be in it for the long haul  And, then as I grew even older, I realized it is a relay race ~Nadine Hack

I’ve only been able to do what I’ve done because of those who came earlier and passed me the baton ~Nadine Hack


That is my favorite line from the recent Nadine Hack post entitled Congruence, Change and Continuity.

Her post got me thinking how true her words are and reminded me to take pause and remember a very specific baton exchange in my life.

I am 44 years old, living in the United States, mother of three children and pregnant with the dream of more balanced leadership at global leadership levels.

I was with dear friend Napier Collyns at a Hunger Project Gala in NYC 2009. I saw amazing women who had no money, no formal education, and whose lives were in danger as they created learning & economic circles in their own community. My flight home from that event was quite sober as I thought – I am middle class, educated, somewhat attractive, and articulate and what have I done? Within six months Koby Huberman and I had a solid draft of our book and a year later it was published by Triarchy Press. Napier responded ” I had no doubt that you COULD write a book, but am surprised that you actually DID.”

It was seeing how under-leveraged I had used my own gifts and luck in birthplace that I had taken for granted that got me motivated to try just a little harder, stay up just a little later, and ask for just a little more help in my vision.

I share this now as I am getting to know Nadine B Hack better learning how her entire life has been committed to using her voice in ways to champion people, and causes who impact entire eco-systems. She understands “leverage” in a real tactical sense.

I recently had a phone call with her and David Wilcox and was expressing how grateful I am for her work. She described the wisdom she had gained from living life as a sprint, then a marathon and now a relay race – I think that is brilliant!

urlLiving in Rochester, NY where Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony worked and lived comes with a heavy weight of awareness.

Sacrifices have been made physically, economically, and emotionally so that I have the ability and claim the choice to use my voice.

Thank you Nadine, Nancy Lyn CotterKimberly Kerr, Anne Perschel, Deborah BarlowServane Mouazan, when I need a bit more steam or belief or courage – it is you who fill my tank.

Onward a bit lighter full of joy for our collective,

3 thoughts on “Recalibration and Finding True Capacity

  1. Jennifer – I’m so glad that the story I shared during my conversation with you and David inspired you, which then in turn inspired me to write the blog post you have excerpted. I hope the concept of each of us having responsibility in an ongoing relay race for the betterment of humanity will inspire others too!

  2. From a sprint, to a marathon, to a relay. Nadine you have found a method for even the most jaded person to look at relationships with a scientific micro scope and still comprehend the biological fact that we are all intertwined. You have a gift like Dr. King of being able to verbally express the dream. The desire for life, love and happiness that dwells in each of use. That we are all inter connected, and must use our minds, technology, love, whatever is our gift. From the least of us to the greatest. That is what you have taught me. Even in my own little corner of my own little part of the world. What i do for others matters, in the larger scheme.
    Thank you for your constant reminder. Than you for working so hard, to open our eyes when we forget.

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