An Existential View of Autumn


Was gobsmacked when I noticed this image on Gabriele Corno’s wall.

Many times you have seen me use Sunday as a day for #recalibration and often the image I share is shattered glass as I add the quote: The important thing is this:

To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become ~Charles DuBois

Yet this morning as I have the daunting task of raking an enormous yard full of leaves I feel a sense of gentle a whisper of a kind invitation that was summed up so beautifully by this image.

Perhaps change and recalibration are not as much about disruption as they are about opening a gate of possibility and actually walking through. Maybe choices don’t have to feel like breaking glass – perhaps choices can also feel like a gentle whisper. Oh, I wish I could find the words as I am feeling such comfort and calm about having walked through this gate.

So, today, as I share some important posts about reminding ourselves to honor ourselves – may you find a gentle way to hear what has called you forward.

#whisper: Daniel Dennett’s Seven Tools for Thinking

#whisper: Sage Wisdom for Contemporary Time

#whisper: Blue Ocean Strategy for Your Own Person Brand … by @DrAmitInspires

#whisper: Replace GPS w/ a Compass

#whisper: Map of Meaning

#whisper: why not take 15 minutes and write whatever comes from your pen.

♫ ♫

On a walk,

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