jennifer-4Your competitive advantage is the accuracy in which you scan the macro and the way you articulate your life experience. With all the noise and the data it can be hard to keep focused on what is truly most important. It is my hope that these links contribute to your ability to be more connected to who you are at your core and also what you care the most about.

Attribution is vital – so you will see references where possible so you can find these people for your own inspiration.

ReflectionflightStorytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it – Hannah Arendt

When I was looking for an image for reflection  – this image was the only one that would work as it has so many meanings.
I leave it to you to tell your story . . .

1) #reflection: Familiarity Can Be Dangerous … my invitation for rigor & courage via @huffpostbiz

2) #reflection: Daniel Dennett’s Seven Tools for Thinking … via @timrayner01  

3) #reflection: Sage Wisdom for Contemporary Time …  by @timrayner01

4) #reflection: Blue Ocean Strategy for Your Own Personal Brand … by @DrAmitInspires  

5) #reflection: How Serious Are We About Learning? … by @cdnorman

6) #reflection: Replace GPS w/ a Compass …  by @jabaldaia #a3r

7) #reflection: Map of Meaning … by @SaybrookU force function 1x per

8) #reflection: Global Happiness Index + Carl Jung + Happiness … by @ericbestonline

9) #reflection: If you don’t like your future, rewrite your past … by @RosabethKanter

10) #reflection: The Myth of Free Will … my pov with @DrAmitInspires


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