An Existential View of Influence


The Script – Hall of Fame ft.

With the latest Facebook scandal, I am even more urgent about our use of neuroscience for leadership – not just sales. Deeply concerned that we need to strengthen our internal resolve in the midst of all the analytics & marketing. I hope this curation of #influence contributes to your longview imprint. Afterall, every “like” and every RT is autobiographical.
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An Existential View of Father’s Day

Dear friends & colleagues,

Happy Father’s Day

So much about personal congruence and alignment comes from being and belonging. There is a way a father loves that is critical for this alignment to occur. I have written very publicly that I was estranged from my own father. I was very angry with him when he died in a car accident when he was only 44 years old. It has taken much therapy, prayer and grace for me to forgive myself as in some grandiose way I had felt that perhaps my anger had killed him.
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